Month: April 2009

  • I’m back on the airwaves

    After a break of two months I returned to our local volunteer radio station, 2CCR FM (90.5).

  • Camila has left the hospital

    Late this afternoon, Camila was released from hospital. The doctor explained that tests had confirmed

  • Grey moment

    Linda forgot to take her mobile phone to work. I didn’t want her to worry that she had lost it so I decided to phone her.

  • Camila in hospital

    Camila in hospital

    Last Sunday evening Camila was admitted to Westmead Children’s Hospital. Kriscia and Carlo had taken her to Emergency earlier in the day following vomiting and a fever. Subsequent pathology tests revealed a case of meningitis, probably viral and in the very early stages. Just as a precaution, Camila was given an isolation room and treated…

  • Happy birthday Evan

    Happy birthday Evan

    Wednesday 7th April was Evan’s 20th birthday and the following evening he dropped round to our place for dinner. His long-time girlfriend Angela was with him and we enjoyed a great meal together. I don’t get too many opportunities to get photos of Evan, so I went a little overboard as you will see.

  • Happy birthday Kriscia

    Sunday 5th April was Kriscia’s birthday and we celebrated with afternoon tea at her home with family and friends Kristyn, Justin and little Inara Levis. 

  • It’s official: Carlo is now an Aussie

    The 30th of March was a big day for our family when Carlo received his citizenship papers.

  • Earth Hour

    Yes, it was invented here! March 28 was Sydney’s third Earth Hour. The simple idea is to show your support for the environment by switching off your lights between 8.30 and 9.30 pm.

  • People, Profit, Planet

    Linda’s manager was retrenched just recently, but her memory lives on in these thoughts