Month: July 2009

  • Elling – the play

    Elling – the play

    On Wednesday Linda and I went to the Riverside Theatre at Parramatta to see the play “Elling”. The ticket was the last of a season booking set, and neither of us knew what to expect. However in the foyer there were some clues: dozens of obviously hurriedly prepared signs stuck to the walls warning patrons…

  • Quote of the day: jails and rehabilitation

    Despite the best efforts of professionals, from custodial officers to psychologists,

  • Happy confluence

    Happy confluence

    Just a week or so ago, I finished building a workbench in the garage, complete with a large vice. I was ready for any home handyman task, big or small. Sunday night Sabine was here and there was a minor drama: her plastic headband snapped right in the middle. “No problem,” I said. “I can…

  • Three dogs, three beds

    Three dogs, three beds

    We have three dogs: Chelsea, the largest; Amber, in the middle; Jackie, the smallest. We have three dog-beds: A large one; A middle-sized one; A small one. Which bed do they use?

  • Comfortable with convict ancestors?

    Comfortable with convict ancestors?

    Sydney was originally established as a convict settlement, with the first boat-loads of prisoners arriving in 1788. English prisons were bursting at the seams, so transportation was seen as a solution to the problem and also as an effective deterrent due to the harsh conditions of servitude, not to mention the long and dangerous sea voyage. It didn’t quite…

  • Every man needs a vice

    Every man needs a vice

      We moved into our new home a little more than six years ago. Even though it was considerably larger than the town house we were moving from, somehow all the furniture and other bits and pieces didn’t fit. So where did we store the overflow? Yes, the garage. In the advertisement it was laughingly…

  • Stuart and Tara are moving home

    Stuart and Tara are moving home

      Stuart and Tara have been keen to move for some time now and recently started looking in earnest for their ideal new home. It had to be inner Sydney so Tara, who works very long hours, could get to and from work quickly. Plus it had to be a home, rather than a unit. (They became…

  • Is this a world record?

    Linda and the rest of the family have taken off to the south coast with Wally and Tinet Tapia for a few days. I wanted to go but someone had to stay behind to mind the dogs and in any case I have a heavy cold. So I’m at home by myself doing a stock-take…