Month: June 2010

  • Cardigans are analogue

    Cardigans are analogue

    Winter is well and truly upon us and, as is the case each year, cardigans are unfashionable. However I want to speak on their behalf.

  • Happy birthday Linda

    Happy birthday Linda

    Linda had a great day on her birthday yesterday. It began with gym class as is usual for Tuesday and then 

  • Things to do with odd socks

    Things to do with odd socks

    Since I added the post about orphan socks I’ve found lots of things to do with them:

  • Watching Jake’s Women

    Watching Jake’s Women

    Yesterday Greg and I watched Jake’s Women, a Neil Simon play at the local Pavilion Theatre in nearby Castle Hill, staged by the Castle Hill Players.

  • Hills Harmony Chorus

    Hills Harmony Chorus

    About six months ago I joined Hills Harmony Chorus, a local all-male acapella group. We have about 25 members and meet for about three hours each week to rehearse songs in four-part close harmony (barbershop style).

  • Jo and Dave’s wedding… again

    Jo and Dave’s wedding… again

    I’ve just received a copy of the official photos from Jo and Dave’s wedding back in January.

  • Chelsea update

    Chelsea update

    It’s just on two weeks since we discovered Chelsea collapsed on the kitchen floor. As the vet predicted, she has been slowly improving and is now eating almost normally again.