Month: April 2012

  • Linda’s painting of Sadhbh

    Linda’s painting of Sadhbh

    Linda has just finished a painting of our youngest granddaughter, Sadhbh, as she was at about six months old. Sadhbh is the daughter of Stuart and Tara. (Sadhbh is an Irish name , pronounced Sive, rhymes with five)

  • Peeve of the week – Carpark Etiquette

    Peeve of the week – Carpark Etiquette

    I was in the car-park of our local shopping mall yesterday watching a family carefully transferring the contents of their full trolley into the boot of their car. The car park was full, and there was a car waiting for their parking spot. Traffic was queued up behind the waiting car and while everyone was…

  • Amazing intersection of careers

    Amazing intersection of careers

    For a long time Bob Brown has been one of my heroes. Last Friday he resigned from the leadership of the Australian Greens Party after a remarkably influential political career. Although I don’t know a lot about Jimi Hendrix, I do know that he was considered one of the most influential electric guitarists of all…

  • Linda’s painting

    Linda’s painting

    Late last year Linda took up painting. No, not house-painting, but the sort you frame and hang on a wall. And she has made quite remarkable progress. Her chosen medium is water-colour and she loves it passionately. She’s set up a studio on our back patio and spends as much time as she can experimenting…

  • Stations of The Cross

    Stations of The Cross

    We went to the Stations of The Cross service this morning at St. Michael’s Church with Kitinn, Gaby, Kriscia, Carlo, Sabine and Camila. It’s a very moving service, with the young members of the church doing a re-enactment of the events on this day 21 centuries ago. Gaby became quite emotional as she watched and Linda shed a…