Treasure Trove

I’ve just struck gold. In an earlier post about James Tyson I mentioned finding online information in the archives of a newspaper called The Queenslander. After digging a little deeper I found a most amazing resource funded by our Federal Government through the National Library of Australia. It’s called Trove. A note … Continue reading

The Late Hon. James Tyson – a Sketch of his Family History

I was searching the internet for some photos of or about James Tyson and accidentally tripped over a scan of an amazing article in a newspaper called The Queenslander. It was published on Saturday 10 December 1898, just six days after Tyson’s death. Here’s the link to the scan of … Continue reading

Morse code lives on

Back in the 1830s, Samuel Morse and a couple of his mates were experimenting with sending electrical pulses over wires. To send messages they needed a language, and so was invented what is now called Morse code.  It’s very simple, consisting of only two things: dots and dashes. Each letter … Continue reading

Imagine waking each morning hoping you’re wrong

I’ve often said that climate scientists are really weird people because we are the only scientists that wake up in the morning and hope that we are wrong. This quote from Lesley Hughes (Professor of Biology Macquarie University and Climate Commissioner for the Australian Government)  was part of an interesting debate called “Climate … Continue reading