The importance of punctuation – one for the apostrophe police

apostrophepoliceI was checking out some reviews of the new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, and came across this on the Target web site:


My Best Friend

20 April 2014

Pros: Easy to Use

Never thought I could improve on my Kindle. But the new stronger colours are fantastic. No sunlight glare which means I can read it anywhere. Great for travel lighter to carry. So impressed I am about to replace my Husbands with this newer model. It will pay for itself in no time with the price of kindle books and no clutter on the shelves at home. A must have is the leather case makes it feel like a well loved book. My favourite purchase to date.        [emphasis added]


Now I already knew the Kindle was good as an e-reader, but the reviewer could see even greater potential:

I am about to replace my Husbands with this newer model.

From this I could tell the reviewer was:

  1. Female
  2. Had more than one husband
  3. Was confident the Kindle Paperwhite could replace them

If only there was some way to communicate with the reviewer. I would love to know how successful the new e-reader is as a partner. Does it take the garbage out? Mow the lawns? Leave the toilet seat down?

And, of course, is it good in bed?


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