Aussies stranded overseas by pandemic

There are still more than 25,000 Australians stranded overseas as of 15 September 2020. For some reason we, a wealthy first-world country, can’t seem to get them home, even if they pay for the trip themselves and pay for quarantine when they arrive. (

The Philippines has repatriated about 140,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) since the start of the pandemic. The Philippine government has paid for their airfares and set up comfortable quarantine centres for the OFWs to stay on return. Quarantine is also free. About 10,000 more OFWs are being repatriated each week as their work contracts expire in host countries. Government assistance includes accommodation, food, transportation, and COVID testing. Each OFW has also received a one-time payment of PH2,000. (

If the Philippines, a third-world country, can repatriate its citizens then why can’t Australia?

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