Australia’s COVID-19 Tracing App Security Concerns

Do you still have privacy concerns about the COVID-19 tracing app’s security? Well, if you are a Facebook user then you should be worried about Facebook’s security even more.

A number of security sites are just reporting a staggering security breach. Details of 309 million Facebook users have been found for sale on the Dark Web. Details include user-ID, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, relationship status and more.

As one site said, “Fortunately, there were no passwords exposed, but the breach still forms a perfect tool kit for an email or text phishing campaign that looks like it’s coming from Facebook itself.”

Compared with this, security concerns regarding Australia’s COVID-19 tracing app actually appear miniscule.

So you have two options:

  • Don’t use Australia’s COVID-19 tracing app. It is not compulsory so you don’t have to use it. You should also stop using Facebook immediately as its security risks are many, many times greater.

         or …

  • Do use Australia’s COVID-19 tracing app. If you still wish to continue using Facebook despite remarkably high security concerns, then change your Facebook password immediately and continue to change it regularly. Be suspicious of any emails, phone calls or text messages claiming to be from Facebook as they may be phishing.





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