Australia’s COVID-19 Tracing App Security Concerns

Do you still have privacy concerns about the COVID-19 tracing app’s security? Well, if you are a Facebook user then you should be worried about Facebook’s security even more. A number of security sites are just reporting a staggering security breach. Details of 309 million Facebook users have been found … Continue reading

Do hydrogen powered vehicles have a future in Australia?

To discuss the future of hydrogen powered vehicles in Australia I think it’s quite pertinent to look at the current status of electric vehicles here. Our Australian federal government has, until recently, shown complete disinterest in electric vehicles. That’s changed now, but not in a positive way. The government has … Continue reading

Remember being shocked by Tony Abbott? It seems like a picnic now.

First Dog on the Moon is the cartoonist for The Guardian, Australian Edition. He is just about my favourite cartoonist. On the 22nd of February 2019, coincidentally my birthday, one of the best of his best appeared. It was published under the heading of “There has never been a more … Continue reading