Author: Greg Hill

  • Kitinn at the Monkey Bar

    Kitinn at the Monkey Bar

    Kitinn’s gig at the Monkey Bar

  • We visit Uncle Irvin

    We visit Uncle Irvin

    Dad visits for lunch, then off to Uncle Irvin’s for afternoon tea.

  • Home renovation

    Home renovation

    In early 2004 we extended our home by adding an en suite and walk-in wardrobe to the main bedroom. We engaged a company called Spacebusters to do the complete project from design, council approval, construction, the lot. We signed the contract in September 2003 and work commenced January 2004 after the slow council approval. Fit-out…

  • Our wedding

    Our wedding

    I’ve scanned all the photos of our wedding in 1996. It was held at The Gables, a romantic Victorian mansion built in Lidcombe in the 1870s . Linda’s parents were not able to attend, so George King gave the beautiful bride away. George was Linda’s “foster” father from her exchange student days in Adelaide.