Even leukaemia relapse

Evan had been re-admitted to Westmead Hospital following a leukaemia relapse. This time the only option is a bone marrow transplant. This will be preceded by rounds of preparatory chemotherapy.

Home renovation

In early 2004 we extended our home by adding an en suite and walk-in wardrobe to the main bedroom. We engaged a company called Spacebusters to do the complete project from design, council approval, construction, the lot. We signed the contract in September 2003 and work commenced January 2004 after … Continue reading

Our wedding

I’ve scanned all the photos of our wedding in 1996. It was held at The Gables, a romantic Victorian mansion built in Lidcombe in the 1870s . Linda’s parents were not able to attend, so George King gave the beautiful bride away. George was Linda’s “foster” father from her exchange … Continue reading