Back from the Philippines

We’ve just returned from a one-month holiday in the Philippines. We didn’t plan to be away that long, but as retirees we can go with the flow these days.

The trip wasn’t even planned. It all started with Wally Tapia’s 70th birthday. Wally is Carlo and Niña’s father, so Niña, Carlo, Kriscia and the kids were going back to Davao to surprise him. It seemed like a good idea, so we decided to go too.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting some of the highlights of the trip, including of course Wally’s  70th birthday party, island-hopping, the mountain retreat at Katigan and a tour of Intramuros, the old walled city of Manila.





3 responses to “Back from the Philippines”

  1. timson Avatar

    Congratulations Greg & Linda. Now that’s what I call retirement! Best wishes, Tim & Leonie

  2. Kitinn Avatar

    photos please!!! 😀

  3. raatienza Avatar

    thanks for the visit. come back anytime now that both of you are retirees.

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