Camila and Inara now officially Christians

On Sunday 28 June 2009, a beautiful sunny winter’s day sandwiched between days of rain, Camila Isabel Tapia and Inara Jane Levis – good friends Kristyn and Justin’s daughter – were baptised at the beautiful St Peter Chanel Church in Hunters Hill. Fr Kevin Stewart, who married Kriscia and Carlo, and a long standing friend of the family, was the ringleader. Tinet and Wally Tapia flew all the way from Davao for it and to visit their only daughter Niña , Sabine, Carlo and Kriscia of course.  Unfortunately Greg had a heavy cold and with a heavier heart had to sit it out at home.  And he was so looking forward to taking photos of the beautiful 19th century sandstone church with its sweeping harbour views.

Fr Kevin opened up the church just for us!  Apart from the mini-panic (mine only) of looking for a match for the candles (where are smokers when you need them?) it went smoothly, capped by Fr Kevin’s beautiful message of hope for the two littlies.   Through it all Inara was nonplussed while Camila thoroughly enjoyed looking up at the beautiful altar and high ceilings.  She was calm throughout and didn’t even mind the splash of holy water on her head.  Camila’s Ninangs are Niña and Kattie (by proxy) and Ninongs are James and Wil.

From the church we all trooped to the Balmain Leagues Club for lunch.  More friends joined us including Kriscia’s schoolmate Arlene, and Carlo’s gig-mate Cavan Te who gave in to the house band’s request for a couple of songs.

It was a wonderful day, marred only by Grandpop’s absence!





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