Camila in hospital

Last Sunday evening Camila was admitted to Westmead Children’s Hospital. Kriscia and Carlo had taken her to Emergency earlier in the day following vomiting and a fever.

Subsequent pathology tests revealed a case of meningitis, probably viral and in the very early stages. Just as a precaution, Camila was given an isolation room and treated with antibiotics to cover the slight possibility that it might be the more serious bacterial meningitis.

Yesterday, after two days of antibiotics, Camila was moved to a general ward, but they want to keep her under observation in hospital until at least Friday. Everyone is in good spirits. Camila is happy even with the drip in her arm. However she is not sleeping as well as at home and needs lots of attention. Probably because of this Kriscia is losing weight, but Camila has put on 200g since admission!


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