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  • Linda: 20 years at Qantas

    Linda’s manager presented her with a beautiful bunch of flowers to celebrate her 20th anniversary at Qantas.

  • 20th anniversary of Kitinn and Kriscia moving to Australia

    Linda arrived on 24th August, and once she had secured accommodation and bought all the necessities like white-goods and beds, the girls followed just two weeks later.

  • Linda’s 20th Anniversary in Australia

    At 6am on 24th August 1988, Linda arrived in Australia to start a new life. We celebrated the 20th anniversary with a gathering of all our children. The weather cleared to a warm afternoon allowing us to enjoy a glorious outdoor barbeque lunch.

  • Wedding Anniversary 2008

    Wedding Anniversary 2008

    July 20 was our 12th wedding anniversary and, as is our custom, we decided to take a short vacation to mark the occasion. This time the destination was the home of my brother Tim and his partner Leonie. A few years ago they moved from Sydney to Lakes Entrance, a beautiful part of Australia in…

  • Wedding Anniversary 2007

    Wedding Anniversary 2007

    Day 1 We drove up on Friday and checked in to Shelton-Lea about 3pm. It looked good on the internet, and was in fact quite comfortable. Although it was only 8 degrees Celsius and dropping, we decided to walk down to Echo Point to have a look at the Three Sisters in Jamison Valley. We…