Science versus Religion

Discussions of science versus religion often devolve into this sort of standoff: Person 1: “I do not accept the Bible as an authoritative source”. Person 2: “But the Bible says you’re wrong”. From this point in a conversation, how can you have any meaningful discussion about science and religion? Well, I’ve just … Continue reading

Vacancy: Padre Pio Parish Glenmore Park

During General Intercessions at Mass last weekend, we were asked to pray for the parishioners of Glenmore Park. You might remember this was where the presiding priest declared he had been married for a year. Now this started me wondering why exactly the parishioners needed our prayers? Because they had been … Continue reading

Stations of The Cross

We went to the Stations of The Cross service this morning at St. Michael’s Church with Kitinn, Gaby, Kriscia, Carlo, Sabine and Camila. It’s a very moving service, with the young members of the church doing a re-enactment of the events on this day 21 centuries ago. Gaby became quite emotional as she … Continue reading

Driving Miss Dulcie

Dulcie and I go to St Mary’s Cathedral for the special Sisters of St Joseph mass to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of the Blessed Mary MacKillop. Continue reading