You remember only what confirms your assumptions

I was reading a book recently, Disciple of the Dog, and one sentence jumped out at me: “… you remember only what confirms your assumptions.”  I did a couple of searches and came across a fascinating article in Wikipedia entitled “Confirmation bias”. It explains much of what is behind the quote. … Continue reading

The difference between Climate and Weather

 Our Climate Commission has just released a report entitled The Critical Decade. These are the key messages from the report: There is no doubt that the climate is changing. The evidence is overwhelming and clear. We are already seeing the social, economic and environmental impacts of a changing climate. It … Continue reading

Killer bushfires hit Victoria during heatwave

While the north of Australia is recovering from massive flooding,  fierce firestorms have killed more that 173 people, destroyed nearly 800 homes and burnt out 350,000 hectares in the southern state of Victoria.