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  • Folk Attic radio program on Alive 90.5?

    Folk Attic radio program on Alive 90.5?

    Brian Lankow and I have been talking about putting together a one-hour folk music program for quite a while now, but I’ve never had the time due to my IT-support commitments at our community radio station Alive 90.5. But now Rajiv Chaudhri is taking over some of that role and I have more free time.…

  • Morse code lives on

    Morse code lives on

    Back in the 1830s, Samuel Morse and a couple of his mates were experimenting with sending electrical pulses over wires. To send messages they needed a language, and so was invented what is now called Morse code.  It’s very simple, consisting of only two things: dots and dashes. Each letter of the alphabet is allocated…

  • Flight sim experience

    Flight sim experience

    Although I’m a technology junkie, I’ve never really been interested in games on the computer, with one exception: Microsoft Flight Simulator. Perhaps it’s because it’s more than a game – it’s an experience. I get to imagine what it’s really like to fly a plane, with the controls, the instruments and of course the scenery.…

  • Linda’s painting of Sadhbh

    Linda’s painting of Sadhbh

    Linda has just finished a painting of our youngest granddaughter, Sadhbh, as she was at about six months old. Sadhbh is the daughter of Stuart and Tara. (Sadhbh is an Irish name , pronounced Sive, rhymes with five)

  • Linda’s painting

    Linda’s painting

    Late last year Linda took up painting. No, not house-painting, but the sort you frame and hang on a wall. And she has made quite remarkable progress. Her chosen medium is water-colour and she loves it passionately. She’s set up a studio on our back patio and spends as much time as she can experimenting…

  • Sabine’s horse story

    Sabine’s horse story

    People say that if you fall off a horse the best thing to do is get straight back on again. And that’s exactly what Sabine did yesterday. The other thing you need to do, judging by what Sabine has been doing ever since, is tell everyone about how you fell off the horse and how you got straight back…