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  • Brunch with Stuart and Tara

    Brunch with Stuart and Tara

    Stuart and Tara have a busy life, so with their work and a holiday in New York and our long holiday in the Philippines it’s taken a while to get to see their new home.

  • Every man needs a vice

    Every man needs a vice

      We moved into our new home a little more than six years ago. Even though it was considerably larger than the town house we were moving from, somehow all the furniture and other bits and pieces didn’t fit. So where did we store the overflow? Yes, the garage. In the advertisement it was laughingly…

  • Stuart and Tara are moving home

    Stuart and Tara are moving home

      Stuart and Tara have been keen to move for some time now and recently started looking in earnest for their ideal new home. It had to be inner Sydney so Tara, who works very long hours, could get to and from work quickly. Plus it had to be a home, rather than a unit. (They became…

  • Backyard renovation

    Backyard renovation

    The final major pieces of our backyard renovation are in place: new retaining wall across the width of land behind the house;

  • New carport

    At last we have a new carport to protect the cars from the heat and hail. Photos show it going up over a period of about seven hours.

  • New pergola

    New pergola

    Our new pergola is completed. Just have to tile the old patio now.

  • Home renovation

    Home renovation

    In early 2004 we extended our home by adding an en suite and walk-in wardrobe to the main bedroom. We engaged a company called Spacebusters to do the complete project from design, council approval, construction, the lot. We signed the contract in September 2003 and work commenced January 2004 after the slow council approval. Fit-out…