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  • Mai Angeles gets married

    Mai Angeles gets married

    Today Mai Angeles married Venus Flores. The ceremony was held in the Victorian Marriage Registry located in the historic Old Treasury Building on the corner of Spring and MacArthur Streets Melbourne.

  • Tim and Leonie’s wedding

    Tim and Leonie’s wedding

    At ten minutes past ten, on the tenth day of the tenth month 2010, Tim and Leonie were married.

  • Jo and Dave’s wedding… again

    Jo and Dave’s wedding… again

    I’ve just received a copy of the official photos from Jo and Dave’s wedding back in January.

  • The marriage of Jo and Dave

    The marriage of Jo and Dave

    Jo and Dave were married on Saturday 30th January. It was an intimate ceremony held in a tiny church in

  • Our wedding

    Our wedding

    I’ve scanned all the photos of our wedding in 1996. It was held at The Gables, a romantic Victorian mansion built in Lidcombe in the 1870s . Linda’s parents were not able to attend, so George King gave the beautiful bride away. George was Linda’s “foster” father from her exchange student days in Adelaide.