Tony Abbott – flag count competition – new record

You might have noticed some social media and press commentary on the number of flags appearing behind Tony Abbott at his press conferences and prime ministerial announcements. One site, Eclectic Owl, is reporting a pole count surge with a recent sighting of eight flags. This seems quite significant after an average … Continue reading

Case Insensitive (or Sentenced to Confusion)

have you noticed that an increasing number of people are no longer beginning sentences with a capital letter? this trend is particularly noticeable in social media and also in comments on blogs and articles in online newspapers. in some examples i’ve even seen people using lowercase for the first person … Continue reading

Our watch-dogs do their duty

About 6:30 this morning our two dogs, who sleep in the kitchen at night, began quietly woofing. Thinking they wanted to go outside to relieve themselves I got up and opened the kitchen door for them. However they chose to remain inside, so I closed the door and returned to bed. … Continue reading

A group of heavily tattooed men were in court today…

The title of this post appeared in an ABC news story this morning, and it immediately reminded me of my parents’ prejudice about tattoos, or more exactly, those who had tattoos. They believed you could identify the less desirable elements of society simply by the presence of tattoos. So, according … Continue reading

The 1973 Australian Rugby League Kangaroos team

In 1973 the Australian Rugby League Kangaroos team were touring Great Britain. It was a great side, including players such as Arthur Beetson, Bob Fulton, and the aggressive Tommy Raudonikis. In one of the warm-up county matches, the Aussies were leading 75-nil at half time. Beetson said to Raudonikis, “This … Continue reading

Another ‘first’ for Australia

What an ignoble beginning for the selfie. Our very own and much loved Australian Broadcasting Corporation believes the first use of the term selfie was on its web site in September 2002, probably coined by a university student in Armidale, New South Wales. In the post, the person with the … Continue reading