Barbara Ziymack – an Unlikely Millionaire

This post includes a download link to a short biography of my great grandmother Barbara Ziymack. It’s a rags-to-riches story that contains elements of great strength in the face of difficulties and also great misfortune, sadness and, I suspect, bitterness and disappointment. You can download the mini-biography here, or continue … Continue reading

Three Days with Tyson

This story is about James Tyson, my 2nd great-grand uncle. It’s from The Queenslander newspaper dated 1894. It’s written by an anonymous drover who claimed to have spent three days travelling with James Tyson on the Steamship Arawatta in about 1889 when Tyson was 70. I’m guessing from the context they were going … Continue reading

Tyson Doneley talks about The Hon. James Tyson MLC

Tyson Doneley talks about the life of The Hon. James Tyson MLC and his pastoral interests throughout the 19th century. He reads out the Banjo Patterson poem that mentions Tyson and talks about the considerable wealth he accumulated during his lifetime (estimated to be 9 billion AUD in today’s terms). … Continue reading

The Late Hon. James Tyson – a Sketch of his Family History

I was searching the internet for some photos of or about James Tyson and accidentally tripped over a scan of an amazing article in a newspaper called The Queenslander. It was published on Saturday 10 December 1898, just six days after Tyson’s death. Here’s the link to the scan of … Continue reading

Comfortable with convict ancestors?

Sydney was originally established as a convict settlement, with the first boat-loads of prisoners arriving in 1788. English prisons were bursting at the seams, so transportation was seen as a solution to the problem and also as an effective deterrent due to the harsh conditions of servitude, not to mention the long and dangerous … Continue reading