Vic Vac Day 1 – Sydney to Albury

16 Aug 2012

This was a transport section of the journey. The aim was to make the leg to Bendigo an easy two-day trip, so we booked a cheap motel in Albury and stayed there overnight. On the way we took several rest-breaks, including Marulan and Bookham.

In the 1850s, Marulan was on the old stage-coach road from Sydney to  Goulburn where gold had been discovered. Marulan has never been a bustling metropolis, but these days, with the expressway bypassing it, the best you could say is that it has a peaceful population of about 500. However it has some great old buildings and a keen photographer could easily spend a day there.

Bookham is even smaller. It claims to have a population of 121, but they must have been away on vacation when we passed through. There is a lovely old Catholic Church, St Columbas, built in 1910, situated in a paddock with a corrugated iron out-house some way off in the bush. And that’s about it.

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