Folk Attic radio program on Alive 90.5?


Brian Lankow and I have been talking about putting together a one-hour folk music program for quite a while now, but I’ve never had the time due to my IT-support commitments at our community radio station Alive 90.5.

But now Rajiv Chaudhri is taking over some of that role and I have more free time. So Brian and I have just prepared this sample program. Next stop is to submit it to the Alive 90.5 Program Committee for consideration.

Folk Attic will be a program of folk music mainly from Australia, the UK and the US. We’ll also have the occasional poem or two from Brian.

The name Folk Attic alludes to the halcyon days of folk music in Sydney in the ’60s; one of my favourite haunts was a place in Kings Cross called the Folk Attic. There were many others such as the Copperfield and Troubadour, and although their names are now largely forgotten, the music lives on.

Here’s the sample program we put together yesterday.




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3 responses to “Folk Attic radio program on Alive 90.5?”

  1. Greg Hill Avatar
    Greg Hill

    We’ve had to put this project on hold for a while. Perhaps later in the year we’ll give it a crack.

  2. Jan Kathleen SADLIER Avatar

    Just found this page and realise it may no longer be relevant but it brought back my memories of The Folk Attick in the 60’s we would meet and drink at the Royal George then walk up to KC to Folk Attick. I remember the big round stage and the beautiful songs

    1. Greg Hill Avatar
      Greg Hill

      Time flies. I added that post a little over nine years ago. Like you, I have warm, but fuzzy, memories of the Folk Attick in the ’60s. Was it up in Kings Cross? Marian Henderson comes to mind, but that may have been another folk venue. Brian Fahey has a brilliant website with so much history covering the Sydney folk scene and more. Here’s the link:
      Thanks for commenting.

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