Happy birthday Carlo

Carlo decided that for his 32nd birthday (02 Feb 2009) he would get all his friends together for a jam session. And what a jam session it was, starting at 4.30 and running all the way through to almost 8pm! We cleared the barbecue shed out and turned it into a band-stand, with the audience in a broad arc starting near the back door and extending all the way around the patio to the slope of the backyard.

We had drums, keyboard, guitars, basses and vocalists. All up there must have been about 12 musicians, all top class, and many sitting in on more than one instrument.

All up, including our immediate neighbours, there were about 30 guests plus one uninvited guest – he was doing a letter drop, heard the great music and came around the back to have a listen.

We took a couple of hundred photos, and with aggressive editing still finished up with over one hundred, plus a short video. Hope you can get some feel for the unforgettable afternoon and evening we all had.






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