More on our Lucky Country

I’m watching NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian speaking live with a COVID-19 update. Those of you who know me also know my left-of-centre politics. However throughout this pandemic I feel complete admiration for our various Australian state, territory and federal governments, whether they be left or right of centre.

They’ve all done their very best to respond to this unprecedented crisis. They admit mistakes have been made, and will be made, but that’s to be expected with the rapidly evolving circumstances we’re living through at the moment.

Decisions have been science-based, with public health at the top of their priorities.

I am so impressed. I hope this restores some public confidence in our political system, and that the confidence will continue through the difficult times ahead, and through the economic recovery that will follow.  I also hope politicians realise this is a unique opportunity to make long-term changes in their behaviour that will reward us all for our trust in them.  

Let’s cut some slack for our politicians. We may not agree with everything they are doing, but must accept that sometimes making decisions quickly is more important than telling everyone what will happen beforehand.







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