Multi-pedigree is the new term for our dog Jackie

Jackie warming herself in the late afternoon winter sunLast night we were watching a video of Jan Fennell, the dog listener, and almost fell off the couch when she used the term multi-pedigree when referring to a client’s dog.

The dog was obviously of doubtful parentage – the sort of dog I would normally have referred to as a mongrel, mutt, or mixed-breed dog.

So somewhere someone has become dissatisfied with these terms. Perhaps it was a sensitive dog-owner, or maybe some dog was diagnosed with a psychosis caused by feeling of insecurity relating to the pejorative nature of the terms mongrel, mutt, or mixed-breed.

Whatever the reason, we have now decided the safe course of action is to refer to Jackie as a multi-pedigree bitch.

Hold on… bitch seems a bit debasing as well. Maybe multi-pedigree canine?








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