Our society continues to progress

Two things I noticed today caused me to reflect on just how far we in Australia have come along the road of tolerance, equal opportunity and compassion:

  1. Linda and I were waiting in a queue to buy movie tickets. Ahead of us was a severely handicapped young lady in a wheelchair buying a ticket. She was by herself, having trouble talking, and people were falling over themselves to offer assistance. I’m guessing that she traveled alone on one of our buses that have easy wheelchair access. It’s so pleasing that the young lady felt confident and safe being by herself and that members of the public were so eager to help.
  2. I read a news report about Michael Kirby appearing before a NSW senate inquiry looking into gay marriages. Nothing special about that? Well, Michael Kirby before he retired was a not just a Supreme Court Judge, but a highly respected one. While still a judge, he was quite open about being gay and having a long-term partner. Our society has reached that point where even a judge can be openly gay.

It’s sometimes a slow road, but we are progressing.


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