Our watch-dogs do their duty

Duck_&_Ducklings_Morning_WalkAbout 6:30 this morning our two dogs, who sleep in the kitchen at night, began quietly woofing. Thinking they wanted to go outside to relieve themselves I got up and opened the kitchen door for them.

However they chose to remain inside, so I closed the door and returned to bed.

A little while later the dogs began woofing again, but this time louder. Again they didn’t want to go outside, so I decided to have a look around myself.

That’s when I saw the mother duck and her ducklings standing near the back door.

We live near a creek, and somehow they’d wandered up through a park, across the road and managed to find a way into our back yard. I don’t know how they got in, but clearly they were having trouble finding their way out again.

They seemed unafraid, and followed me as I moved towards the side gate. I opened it and they (gratefully I thought) waddled off in the general direction of the creek.

The dogs relaxed. They had performed their duty, alerted the master, and at no time felt a need to leave their bed.


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