Tony Abbott – flag count competition – new record

You might have noticed some social media and press commentary on the number of flags appearing behind Tony Abbott at his press conferences and prime ministerial announcements. One site, Eclectic Owl, is reporting a pole count surge with a recent sighting of eight flags. This seems quite significant after an average … Continue reading

Terry Pratchett and the random life we live

About the time of Terry Pratchett’s death earlier this year I came across a blog written by one of his fans. The author of the blog set out on a mission to read and critique every one of Pratchett books, with the target of one book every week. Here’s the blog: … Continue reading

More convict ancestors

I’ve known for many years I was a descendant of a convict, Isabella Tyson. She was my 3rd great grandmother. What I didn’t know until recently was there were two other convicts in my ancestry: William Henry Diogenes Herring, my 2nd great grandfather, and James Hill, another 2nd great grandfather. Isabella Tyson … Continue reading

Wind farm sickness versus global warming – Abbott

Our Prime Minister Mr Abbott yesterday described wind farms as “visually awful”. He went on to say, “Up close, they’re ugly, they’re noisy and they may have all sorts of other impacts.” Referring to a current parliamentary inquiry, he added, “It’s right and proper that we’re having an inquiry into … Continue reading

Three Days with Tyson

This story is about James Tyson, my 2nd great-grand uncle. It’s from The Queenslander newspaper dated 1894. It’s written by an anonymous drover who claimed to have spent three days travelling with James Tyson on the Steamship Arawatta in about 1889 when Tyson was 70. I’m guessing from the context they were going … Continue reading

Thomas Aquinas: Philosopher and a Holy Saint

For about a year I’ve been reading an online experiment in journalism called The Philosophers’ Mail. I always found it a sanctuary from traditional news outlets; it looked at the news of the day from a different, thoughtful perspective. Sadly the experiment has ended, but it’s been replaced by an online evolving book: … Continue reading