The new Ghost Busters and sexual equality

The original Ghost Busters (1984) was a great success, so of course Hollywood did what it does best: it capitalised on the success by releasing a sequel, Ghostbusters II, in 1989.  Time passed. Lots of it. In fact 25 years or so before Hollywood had another great idea. What about Ghostbusters 3? But … Continue reading

Captain Abbott and Bill Shorten’s zingers

Australians were dumbfounded on Australia Day when Tony Abbott announce Prince Philip would be receiving one of the two knighthoods on offer. When asked who he had consulted before making the decision, he fell back on his favourite metaphor: “It was a captain’s pick.” (Of course, Tony Abbott is captain … Continue reading

There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza

Two of our granddaughters stayed overnight with us a few days ago. For some reason we started singing “There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza” and we were surprised that the youngest, who had just turned six, knew every single verse. So we sang it over and … Continue reading

Case Insensitive (or Sentenced to Confusion)

have you noticed that an increasing number of people are no longer beginning sentences with a capital letter? this trend is particularly noticeable in social media and also in comments on blogs and articles in online newspapers. in some examples i’ve even seen people using lowercase for the first person … Continue reading

Plex Media Server is glossy but shallow

Before I talk about Plex, I’ll tell you what led me to look at it. I listened some time ago to one of the excellent Alive 90.5 podcasts by Peter Fowler in which he touched on Google’s Chromecast. It sounded rather interesting. Then in another podcast on November 13, Peter talked about a … Continue reading

The morality of the tax on sickness

I’ve been building up a head of steam on this for months now, and finally decided I just had to let it all out. But before I start on this rant, some background… During Gough Whitlam’s term as prime minister in 1972 to 1975, a bill was passed providing for … Continue reading

Our watch-dogs do their duty

About 6:30 this morning our two dogs, who sleep in the kitchen at night, began quietly woofing. Thinking they wanted to go outside to relieve themselves I got up and opened the kitchen door for them. However they chose to remain inside, so I closed the door and returned to bed. … Continue reading

Farewell Gough Whitlam – an intellectual giant

Gough Whitlam: 11 July 1916 – 21 October 2014   Yesterday Gough Whitlam died at the age of 98. I listened to our local ABC radio station (702) all day, as the anecdotes and eulogies flooded in from listeners, friends and colleagues. It was a rollercoaster ride of happiness and sadness. I had … Continue reading