The 1973 Australian Rugby League Kangaroos team

Raudonikis and Beetson

Tommy Raudonikis and Arthur Beetson

In 1973 the Australian Rugby League Kangaroos team were touring Great Britain. It was a great side, including players such as Arthur Beetson, Bob Fulton, and the aggressive Tommy Raudonikis.

In one of the warm-up county matches, the Aussies were leading 75-nil at half time. Beetson said to Raudonikis, “This county side is hopeless. We’re all going up to the pub for a few pints. You stay here and play the second half.”

About an hour later, Beetson, Fulton and the rest of the team returned to the dressing rooms to find Raudonikis showered, shaved and dressed. Beetson asked Tommy, “What was the full time score?”

Raudonikis replied that it was 75-74. Beetson was furious. “How did you let them get so close to winning?” he asked.


Bob Fulton

Tommy replied, “I don’t know. I was sent off five minutes into the second half.”

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