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  • Show me the Science

    Show me the Science

    When was the last time you read a book about science? Or listened to a science program or science podcast? Or watched a TV program about science? Science is perhaps the most important influence in shaping our world and our lives. It’s not just physics and chemistry either; it covers Natural Science, Social Sciences, Formal…

  • ABC being politicised by adversarial games?

    ABC being politicised by adversarial games?

    “We’re sick and tired of the ABC being politicised by adversarial games, whether it was the Labor Party in power or the Liberal Party in power.” says Quentin Dempster, a former staff-elected director on the ABC board. His comments follow appointment of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation columnist Janet Albrechtsen and former deputy Liberal leader Neil…

  • Science versus Religion

    Science versus Religion

    Discussions of science versus religion often devolve into this sort of standoff: Person 1: “I do not accept the Bible as an authoritative source”. Person 2: “But the Bible says you’re wrong”. From this point in a conversation, how can you have any meaningful discussion about science and religion? Well, I’ve just listened to another great program…

  • Morse code lives on

    Morse code lives on

    Back in the 1830s, Samuel Morse and a couple of his mates were experimenting with sending electrical pulses over wires. To send messages they needed a language, and so was invented what is now called Morse code.  It’s very simple, consisting of only two things: dots and dashes. Each letter of the alphabet is allocated…

  • Happy birthday Greg

    Happy birthday Greg

    Yesterday was my 62nd birthday, and Linda organized a great day for me. It started with 11am mass at St Patrick’s Church in the city. Dedicated in 1844, it is beautifully decorated inside and had a great choir for the service. Afterwards we enjoyed