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  • Chelsea update

    Chelsea update

    It’s just on two weeks since we discovered Chelsea collapsed on the kitchen floor. As the vet predicted, she has been slowly improving and is now eating almost normally again.

  • Chelsea is not well

    Chelsea is not well

    Chelsea is recovering from what the vet believes is most likely Vestibular Syndrome.

  • Three dogs, three beds

    Three dogs, three beds

    We have three dogs: Chelsea, the largest; Amber, in the middle; Jackie, the smallest. We have three dog-beds: A large one; A middle-sized one; A small one. Which bed do they use?

  • Dogs feel the cold too

    Dogs feel the cold too

    As the cold of winter deepens the dogs look for extra warmth. Here’s the latest idea.

  • New Year’s Eve 2008

    Our dogs, particularly Chelsea, are frightened of fireworks. In the past she has suffered injuries trying to get into the house when we have been out New Year’s Eve.