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  • Baby Julio Miguel Iñigo-Atienza arrives

    Sorry Camila, but you’ve been bumped from the top story. Tayin and Joevin Atienza have a new baby, Julio Miguel Iñigo-Atienza.

  • Trip to the family retreat in Catigan

    Trip to the family retreat in Catigan

    We head up to the family retreat in Catigan, which is about 35km from Davao, and about 4,000ft above sea level. The house has been a labour of love for Ken and Boy for the past two years, and it is now about 90% complete. The remainder plus landscaping will be completed in 2008. No…

  • Holiday to Davao

    Holiday to Davao

    We arrive in Davao (click for map) about 6am after a long trip via Hong Kong and Cebu. Jo and Baby are there waiting. They drop us off at Ken’s hotel for breakfast. On our last trip Ken was just completing his new project, the Viajeros Economy Inn, and it’s now well and truly complete…