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  • Recollections of Patonga

    Recollections of Patonga

    Patonga is a village near the mouth of the Hawkesbury River.  On the eastern side of the bay, reachable at high tide only by wading through a lagoon, is Dark Corner. Relatives of ours had a weekender there. Actually the term weekender was a bit generous; in the absence of maintenance it was decaying into…

  • My Dad and the beer strike

    My Dad and the beer strike

    In the early 1960s Dad was based at Lidcombe police station in the western suburbs of Sydney. Each morning on arriving at the station he would check the cells to see what the night had brought.  One morning he found a small man of about 60 years there. It was obvious to Dad he was…

  • Dad’s birthday

    Dad’s birthday

    Dad has turned 87! After spending four days in hospital two weeks ago (a bit of a turn) we were naturally concerned, but Linda and I were very pleased to see him looking a lot stronger and brighter on his birthday.

  • Happy birthday Dad

    Happy birthday Dad

    Linda and I visit Dad in Raymond Terrace on the occasion of his 85th birthday.

  • We visit Uncle Irvin

    We visit Uncle Irvin

    Dad visits for lunch, then off to Uncle Irvin’s for afternoon tea.