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  • Evan turns 21

    Evan turns 21

    Today Evan celebrated his 21st birthday with a barbecue dinner at his Mother’s home in Pennant Hills. Family and friends gathered in what was quite an emotional event

  • Happy birthday Evan

    Happy birthday Evan

    Wednesday 7th April was Evan’s 20th birthday and the following evening he dropped round to our place for dinner. His long-time girlfriend Angela was with him and we enjoyed a great meal together. I don’t get too many opportunities to get photos of Evan, so I went a little overboard as you will see.

  • Evan and Angela visit for teppanyaki

    Evan and Angela visit for teppanyaki

    Evan has a craving for teppanyaki, so we have an excuse to test-drive the new patio. He brings his dogs Bo and Sheba and girlfriend Angela.

  • Evan’s first car re-registered.

    Evan’s first car is successfully re-registered despite some oil leaks