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  • Does vegetarianism really reduce animal suffering?

    Does vegetarianism really reduce animal suffering?

    You may have noticed I have a bit of a thing about science and evidence-based beliefs. Tell me something a bit off-centre and I’ll probably say,  “Show me the evidence.” Now I’m an omnivore, and somehow always felt a bit guilty in the presence of a vegetarian. I had this nagging feeling that perhaps they held…

  • Happy birthday Sabine

    Happy birthday Sabine

    Sabine’s 6th birthday was a big affair: she invited about 17 guests, mostly from her own class at school. The kids had a wonderful time and we did too. Kriscia and Carlo put a lot of effort into making it a great day with food, games and fun for everyone.  Auntie Kitinn was a great help…

  • Happy birthday Jo

    To celebrate, we took Jo and her partner Dave to the Pent-Thai restaurant in Epping, not far from where they live.

  • Camila Isabel Tapia has left the hospital

    Kriscia and Camila decided that although Westmead Hospital was a great place to give birth, the food was not as good as home.

  • Linda’s birthday 2008

    Linda’s birthday 2008

    For lunch we go to Balmoral Beach for fine-dining at the Watermark Restaurant, and the food was just wonderful. Then Kitinn and the Tapias shout dinner at Bar Me, a music bar in Kings Cross where Carlo was gigging that night.

  • Trip to the family retreat in Catigan

    Trip to the family retreat in Catigan

    We head up to the family retreat in Catigan, which is about 35km from Davao, and about 4,000ft above sea level. The house has been a labour of love for Ken and Boy for the past two years, and it is now about 90% complete. The remainder plus landscaping will be completed in 2008. No…

  • Holiday to Davao

    Holiday to Davao

    We arrive in Davao (click for map) about 6am after a long trip via Hong Kong and Cebu. Jo and Baby are there waiting. They drop us off at Ken’s hotel for breakfast. On our last trip Ken was just completing his new project, the Viajeros Economy Inn, and it’s now well and truly complete…

  • Wedding Anniversary 2007

    Wedding Anniversary 2007

    Day 1 We drove up on Friday and checked in to Shelton-Lea about 3pm. It looked good on the internet, and was in fact quite comfortable. Although it was only 8 degrees Celsius and dropping, we decided to walk down to Echo Point to have a look at the Three Sisters in Jamison Valley. We…