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  • Stations of The Cross

    Stations of The Cross

    We went to the Stations of The Cross service this morning at St. Michael’s Church with Kitinn, Gaby, Kriscia, Carlo, Sabine and Camila. It’s a very moving service, with the young members of the church doing a re-enactment of the events on this day 21 centuries ago. Gaby became quite emotional as she watched and Linda shed a…

  • Sadhbh’s first birthday party

    Sadhbh’s first birthday party

    Sadhbh’s first birthday party was held at Tara’s parents’ home in Naremburn. Terry and Yvonne were great hosts and put on a first-class party. Stuart and Tara can be very pleased with Sadhbh – she is a delightful girl with a sunny disposition and is very quick to smile. Linda and I were accompanied by…

  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve

    Here are a few photos we took Christmas Eve. You’ll see that we are dressed up and that’s because

  • Day at the zoo

    Last Saturday I took Kitinn, Gaby, Kris, Sabine, Niña and little Camila to visit Taronga Zoo. This is  Sydney’s main zoo and it has a spectacular view of Sydney Harbour, the bridge and Opera House.  

  • Sculpture by the Sea

    Sculpture by the Sea

    Staged alongside Sydney’s spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, Sculpture by the Sea is Australia’s largest annual outdoor free to the public exhibition of sculpture. The 2008 exhibition featured over 100 sculptures from 7 different countries.

  • 20th anniversary of Kitinn and Kriscia moving to Australia

    Linda arrived on 24th August, and once she had secured accommodation and bought all the necessities like white-goods and beds, the girls followed just two weeks later.

  • Kitinn’s birthday brunch

    Kitinn’s birthday brunch

    We celebrate Kitinn’s birthday (2nd Sep) with a late breakfast/early lunch in a Moroccan restaurant at Balmain. Back to our place afterwards for cake and coffee.

  • Kitinn singing at church

    Kitinn singing at church

    Khristinn’s Christian City Church hold their Gospel Music Service

  • Picnic in AH Whaling Reserve

    Picnic in AH Whaling Reserve

    Picnic in AH Whaling Reserve, Roxborough Park, with the Tapias, Kristyn and Justin, Wil, Katie and children Nathaneal and Zephania, Khristinn, Gabriela and Mark

  • Holiday to Davao

    Holiday to Davao

    We arrive in Davao (click for map) about 6am after a long trip via Hong Kong and Cebu. Jo and Baby are there waiting. They drop us off at Ken’s hotel for breakfast. On our last trip Ken was just completing his new project, the Viajeros Economy Inn, and it’s now well and truly complete…