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  • Evidence for vitamin C supplements

    Evidence for vitamin C supplements

    Many people take vitamin C supplements in the belief they will: prevent or reduce the frequency of the common cold, or lessen the duration and severity of the common cold. But is there any evidence that vitamin C supplements work? In Jan 2013 the Cochrane Collaboration* published online the results of a meta-analysis of twenty-nine vitamin…

  • Camila has left the hospital

    Late this afternoon, Camila was released from hospital. The doctor explained that tests had confirmed

  • Camila in hospital

    Camila in hospital

    Last Sunday evening Camila was admitted to Westmead Children’s Hospital. Kriscia and Carlo had taken her to Emergency earlier in the day following vomiting and a fever. Subsequent pathology tests revealed a case of meningitis, probably viral and in the very early stages. Just as a precaution, Camila was given an isolation room and treated…