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  • Brunch with Stuart and Tara

    Brunch with Stuart and Tara

    Stuart and Tara have a busy life, so with their work and a holiday in New York and our long holiday in the Philippines it’s taken a while to get to see their new home.

  • Jo’s new job

    Jo’s new job

    If a husband and wife with the family name of Page owned a bookshop, what would they call it? Pages and Pages of course! And that’s where Jo has just started a new job. It’s a rather ambitious decision as it’s full-time, the shop is the other side of Sydney and she has also just…

  • Comfortable with convict ancestors?

    Comfortable with convict ancestors?

    Sydney was originally established as a convict settlement, with the first boat-loads of prisoners arriving in 1788. English prisons were bursting at the seams, so transportation was seen as a solution to the problem and also as an effective deterrent due to the harsh conditions of servitude, not to mention the long and dangerous sea voyage. It didn’t quite…

  • Stuart and Tara are moving home

    Stuart and Tara are moving home

      Stuart and Tara have been keen to move for some time now and recently started looking in earnest for their ideal new home. It had to be inner Sydney so Tara, who works very long hours, could get to and from work quickly. Plus it had to be a home, rather than a unit. (They became…