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  • Stations of The Cross

    Stations of The Cross

    We went to the Stations of The Cross service this morning at St. Michael’s Church with Kitinn, Gaby, Kriscia, Carlo, Sabine and Camila. It’s a very moving service, with the young members of the church doing a re-enactment of the events on this day 21 centuries ago. Gaby became quite emotional as she watched and Linda shed a…

  • Sabine’s horse story

    Sabine’s horse story

    People say that if you fall off a horse the best thing to do is get straight back on again. And that’s exactly what Sabine did yesterday. The other thing you need to do, judging by what Sabine has been doing ever since, is tell everyone about how you fell off the horse and how you got straight back…

  • Sadhbh’s first birthday party

    Sadhbh’s first birthday party

    Sadhbh’s first birthday party was held at Tara’s parents’ home in Naremburn. Terry and Yvonne were great hosts and put on a first-class party. Stuart and Tara can be very pleased with Sadhbh – she is a delightful girl with a sunny disposition and is very quick to smile. Linda and I were accompanied by…

  • Bubble wrap – cheap thrills for kids

    Bubble wrap – cheap thrills for kids

    Some shopping we bought recently came in a large sheet of bubble wrap. The kids saw it and immediately knew how to use it

  • Easter egg hunt 2010

    Easter egg hunt 2010

    This was Camila’s first year to hunt for Easter eggs,

  • Easter hat parade 2010

    Easter hat parade 2010

    Each Easter Baulkham Hills North Public School holds a hat parade.

  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve

    Here are a few photos we took Christmas Eve. You’ll see that we are dressed up and that’s because

  • Christmas images, Christian and commercial

    Christmas images, Christian and commercial

    Kriscia captured a lovely nativity scene in her backyard with the help of Kitinn and Niña. Camila was the baby Jesus, Gabriela was Mary and Sabine an angel.

  • Happy confluence

    Happy confluence

    Just a week or so ago, I finished building a workbench in the garage, complete with a large vice. I was ready for any home handyman task, big or small. Sunday night Sabine was here and there was a minor drama: her plastic headband snapped right in the middle. “No problem,” I said. “I can…

  • Camila and Inara now officially Christians

    Camila and Inara now officially Christians

    On Sunday 28 June 2009, a beautiful sunny winter’s day sandwiched between days of rain, Camila Isabel Tapia and Inara Jane Levis – good friends Kristyn and Justin’s daughter – were baptised at the beautiful St Peter Chanel Church in Hunters Hill.