Science versus Religion

Discussions of science versus religion often devolve into this sort of standoff: Person 1: “I do not accept the Bible as an authoritative source”. Person 2: “But the Bible says you’re wrong”. From this point in a conversation, how can you have any meaningful discussion about science and religion? Well, I’ve just … Continue reading

This is why pilots fly

Here is science, technology and human skills all coming together in a truly amazing landing at Queenstown Airport, New Zealand. Down through rugged mountains into cloud-filled twisting valleys the pilot breaks out the bottom of the clouds to make a perfect landing. This post has received a huge number of … Continue reading

When did we first understand the world was not flat?

Most of us have heard of flat-earth beliefs. It is commonly understood that the early explorers were always fearful of falling off the edge of the earth. I certainly “knew” that everyone, with the exception of some early sceptics, believed in the flat-earth model until the last couple of centuries. … Continue reading

Bad Science – how we are misled by media and others

I’ve just finished reading a book called Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. It’s about the misuse of science by quacks, journalists, and big pharmaceutical companies. It’s funny, disturbing, entertaining and just a bit heavy in places. But it’s a book that will change your ideas about not just alternative medicine, but … Continue reading

You remember only what confirms your assumptions

I was reading a book recently, Disciple of the Dog, and one sentence jumped out at me: “… you remember only what confirms your assumptions.”  I did a couple of searches and came across a fascinating article in Wikipedia entitled “Confirmation bias”. It explains much of what is behind the quote. … Continue reading