Crime on the rise? Check the evidence.

If you live in Sydney you’re probably concerned by the rising crime rate. After all, the nightly news is full of home invasions, car thefts, drive-by shootings, rape and myriad other crimes. And if that’s not enough evidence, then what about the reality shows such as The Force: Behind the … Continue reading

What global financial crisis?

I’m finding myself increasingly impressed by the economic and social views of Ross Gittins, the financial columnist for the Herald newspaper in Sydney. His article today was about finding the right balance for the role of the state in our lives. At one extreme is libertarianism and at the other socialism. Ross’s observation … Continue reading

Jo and Dave have announced their engagement

Yes, we’re all excited that Jo and Dave have announced their engagement. No dates yet, but slow by slow. If you would like to know how happy they are just have a look at the photo. Dave Hare is working on his PhD thesis at the moment. When completed he is … Continue reading

Driving Miss Dulcie

Dulcie and I go to St Mary’s Cathedral for the special Sisters of St Joseph mass to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of the Blessed Mary MacKillop. Continue reading

Niña Tapia arrives in Sydney

Niña arrived in Sydney late this evening from Singapore where she was holidaying with her parents. She will be staying with Kriscia and Carlo for a year or so while she completes her Master of Information Technology at UTS. Hopefully at completion of the course she will be able to convert … Continue reading