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  • Flight sim experience

    Flight sim experience

    Although I’m a technology junkie, I’ve never really been interested in games on the computer, with one exception: Microsoft Flight Simulator. Perhaps it’s because it’s more than a game – it’s an experience. I get to imagine what it’s really like to fly a plane, with the controls, the instruments and of course the scenery.…

  • Philippines – drive on the left or right?

    Philippines – drive on the left or right?

    When I was looking at those old movies of Manila that I posted yesterday, I noticed something strange: vehicles were driving on the left side of the road! But now all traffic travels on the right (mostly). So what’s going on? It turns out (according to Wikipedia) that that the Philippines originally drove on the…

  • It’s official: Carlo is now an Aussie

    The 30th of March was a big day for our family when Carlo received his citizenship papers.

  • Holiday to Davao

    Holiday to Davao

    We arrive in Davao (click for map) about 6am after a long trip via Hong Kong and Cebu. Jo and Baby are there waiting. They drop us off at Ken’s hotel for breakfast. On our last trip Ken was just completing his new project, the Viajeros Economy Inn, and it’s now well and truly complete…