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  • Wally Tapia’s 70th Birthday

    Wally Tapia’s 70th Birthday

    A 70th birthday is certainly one of life’s milestone events and Tinet had long been planning a big party for her husband Wally Tapia in Davao. Their two children living in Sydney, Niña and our son-in-law Carlo (along with his tribe) had booked tickets ages ago for a surprise visit. Then the surprise started to gather momentum.…

  • Camila and Inara now officially Christians

    Camila and Inara now officially Christians

    On Sunday 28 June 2009, a beautiful sunny winter’s day sandwiched between days of rain, Camila Isabel Tapia and Inara Jane Levis – good friends Kristyn and Justin’s daughter – were baptised at the beautiful St Peter Chanel Church in Hunters Hill.