Thomas Aquinas: Philosopher and a Holy Saint

thomas_aquinasFor about a year I’ve been reading an online experiment in journalism called The Philosophers’ Mail. I always found it a sanctuary from traditional news outlets; it looked at the news of the day from a different, thoughtful perspective.

Sadly the experiment has ended, but it’s been replaced by an online evolving book: The Book of Life. A recent chapter is about Thomas Aquinas, a man ahead of his time. He not only studied theology; he studied the philosophers as well. He taught that Christians did not have a monopoly on great ideas.  He believed even those from other religious persuasions, or even those who did not know Jesus existed, could reason and uncover great truths. He was one of the first to realise that science and Christianity could co-exist.

Thomas was honoured as a saint by the Catholic Church in 1323. To this day his name is commemorated in the names of dozens of schools, colleges and universities. He is known as the patron saint of universities and students.

This Book of Life is a bold attempt to bring a fresh perspective to how and why we live the way do. If you read this chapter about Thomas Aquinas I’m sure you’ll want to dig deeper into the rest of the book.

Here’s the link:

The Book of Life is continually growing. You can subscribe if you’d like to know when new chapters are added.

For another look at Thomas Aquinas go to this link:

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