Tony Abbott – flag count competition – new record

You might have noticed some social media and press commentary on the number of flags appearing behind Tony Abbott at his press conferences and prime ministerial announcements. One site, Eclectic Owl, is reporting a pole count surge with a recent sighting of eight flags. This seems quite significant after an average of just 1.5 flags per appearance over the last two years.


Well, I think I’ve spotted a new record, with Tony Abbott in front of 10, yes 10 flags. This was on June 23 at a joint press conference outside Parliament House, Canberra. Also present were Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and George Brandis QC, Attorney General.

Tony Abbott with 10 flags

I’ve also found another with 16 flags, but there seems to be some doubt about its authenticity. However I show it here for your consideration:

Tony Abbott with 16 flags

One other deserves a special mention, not so much for its flag count, but for the prominence of the flag:

Tony Abbott dwarfed by flagTo keep up to date with sightings just put “Tony Abbott flag count” into your favourite search engine.


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