Twilight at Taronga

This is how it was billed:

“You just can’t ‘Beat It’…! Join us for a special celebration of the music and dance of the King of Pop with an all-star band and singers, featuring the talented Glenn Cunningham and a hot male dance group choreographed by Jason and Kris Lewis. This high energy group will show off all the grooves and moves of this great entertainer. Sure to be a ‘Thriller’ from the very first note, this fantastic show will have you dancing like you’ve never danced before!”

The location was the amphitheatre at the fabulous Taronga Zoo.

Kittin saw the promo and as she and Gaby are rusted-on fans of Michael Jackson they were going come hell or high water. Linda and I tagged along, as well as Kriscia, Sabine and Camila. Carlo was to go but a gig offer at the last minute trumped it.

So off we all went with a shopping trolley full of picnic food. The night was mild with a cooling breeze and the grass was dry. By the time we arrived the girls had spread the blanket in a prime spot and all we had to do was wait an hour and a half for the show to start.

And how was it? In a word: disappointing. Cavan Te and the Fuss would have done a much better show.






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