Twin Peaks still has it

twinpeaks_laura-plamerTwenty three years ago (1990) Twin Peaks was a huge TV hit, and quickly gained cult status. For some reason I always believed I had watched it, but now I know that was not the case. The true fact is that I only remember the haunting theme from the series. (See below)

So a couple of days ago I downloaded all episodes, and Last night Linda and I watched the pilot, a 90 minute episode.

Within a few minutes Linda was squirming and looking for something else to do. However I was hooked. The characters are on the surface nice country folk, but it looks like they all have flaws and something to hide.

Three things jump out straight away:

  • The constant feeling of impending danger.
  • The cinematography. All the colours are slightly sepia, but every scene has a least some orange highlight.
  • The uncertainty about the characters. Is this drama or black comedy? Some seem to be playing it for the drama while others appear to be there for comic relief. But even the main characters behave strangely.

Looking forward to watching another episode or two tonight while Linda is out with mates at a Zumba fundraiser for the Philippine typhoon survivors.

Here’s the theme “Falling” from Twin Peaks:


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